Flash brew

Make your iced coffee in a flash!

Want to enjoy homemade iced coffee but don't have the time to cold brew?

Follow these easy steps to instantly make Flash Brewed Iced Coffee using your drip coffee machine:

1. Use 3/4 cups of ground coffee

Grind slightly finer than you would use for hot drip coffee; choose “Finer- Cone Filter” if purchasing pre-ground

2. Pour 3 cups of water into the back of your brewer

Use a measuring cup, rather than the "cups" on your coffee carafe

3. Put 3 cups of ice in the carafe, then brew coffee directly onto ice

Be careful to not use more combined water and ice than your carafe can hold

4. Remove from your machine as soon as the coffee is done & store in the fridge for up to two days

We recommend drinking after the iced coffee is fully chilled so that your ice doesn't further dilute



Bulk Coffee - Spring



We’ll ship five pound bags of all our coffees directly to your door! For even better savings, subscribe to bulk 5lb bags and save an additional 10% on the already discounted bulk price.

New Cafe Menu

Try our new breakfast and lunch menu!

Your last three meals were delivered and your eyes hurt from staring at your laptop. ALL our cafes now serve a full breakfast and lunch menu, so why not stop by for coffee and a bite to eat? We launched a new menu of classic cafe items at our Gramercy and NYU cafes. Check them out below!

Cold Brew Cocktails | J.Bespoke x Irving Farm


Harkening back to Prohibition era NYC, our new cafe at 27th & Park is connected to the speakeasy J.Bespoke. Their expert mixologist created six AMAZING cocktails using our cold brew (seriously: these cocktails are so delicious we had to hold ourselves back while tasting).

With bars closed due to COVID, they've conveniently bottled these concoctions for purchase on their website

This Holiday Season's Best Deals

Tis the season...

to enjoy fresh roasted, custom ground New York Coffee.

We've compiled a list of this season's best ways to stock up and save!

1. Give a gift subscription!

Our best value! Pay up front and get free shipping.

2. Save 10% with our curated bundles.

3. Let them choose, with an online gift card!


Introducing our newest cafe, 27th and Park!

We've opened our newest cafe in Manhattan adding to our list of locations across the city’s landmark neighborhoods. The new cafe is located at 121 E 27th Street and serves our locally roasted coffee, along with fresh pastries and premium teas from In Pursuit of Tea.

The new space represents a fresh look for us, blending design inspiration from New York’s iconic interiors with warm eclectic materials and refined details. Further inspired by our city’s iconic past, a door at the back of the cafe leads to the speakeasy J. Bespoke which operates after-hours.

In accordance with city safety recommendations, we are taking the same careful safety precautions implemented at our other cafes including plexiglass counter guards, social distancing markers, and extensive cleaning regimens. The shop is currently only open for takeout, though we have plenty of curbside seating for customers to enjoy their New York coffee.

How to make the perfect cold brew

Follow these easy steps to make your own refreshing cold brew at home!

1. Order Cold Brew Blend and select the “French Press” grind

2. Add 8 ounces of cold water for every ounce of coffee

3. Soak for 18 hours to make a concentrate

4. Filter and dilute to 2 parts concentrate to 1 part water

5. Add ice!


Need help choosing a single origin?


Trying a new coffee can be a bit intimidating. To make your journey easier we enlisted the help of Jay (our Director of Coffee, pictured above) to pair our core classic blends with similar single origins. Scroll through the pairings below to explore...


You’re a fan of Highline’s floral notes and light body? Then you should try Gakenke from Burundi. This vibrant, layered coffee is a standout amongst this year's single origin lineup.

71 House is renowned for its medium body and smooth, sweet flavor; its chocolaty notes overlap with the classic Brazilian flavor profile of Fazenda Vassourão

Blackstrap Espresso is renowned for it’s full- bodied flavor - switch it up with perennial staff favorite Los Alisos! You won’t be disappointed with this organic coffee’s complex, floral notes.