There’s a thread that runs through every aspect of our business—relationships. From committing to multi-year partnerships with coffee producers, to knowing our cafe customers’ favorite drinks, to helping wholesale partners build the coffee service of their dreams, our success is built on relationships. We take the word partner seriously. When you choose to share Irving Farm Coffee with your customers, we’re with you every step of the way.


Starting up

Building a top-notch coffee and barista program is more than just selecting a great coffee (though we’ll help you with that too!) it’s about selecting the right tools, envisioning the best service, and developing the skills to brew beautiful coffee every time. From the very beginning, our team can help you with everything from selecting the right espresso and coffee brewing equipment to designing the layout of your bar to ongoing management of your coffee program. As coffee roasters, we believe coffee is a process from start to finish.

We also offer some of the best-in-the-business barista training and continuing coffee education at our SCAA Certified Training & Education Lab in Manhattan (known as “The Loft”). We go beyond the mechanics to share our passion for coffee, and the incredible people who produce it, to inspire your staff and customers.


Ongoing support

Once your business is up and running, we offer an advanced Preventative Maintenance program to keep your equipment clean and calibrated, as well as emergency technical service and support. Onsite coffee support can also help you work out those kinks of service—or help you perfect your latte art.

You can learn more about some of our wholesale relationships, which include both Michelin-starred restaurants and roadside coffee pantries, over on our blog. Send us your info to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!



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