Our first cafe opened in 1996 on Irving Place in Gramercy Park. Today we have eight (soon to be nine) locations across Manhattan. Headquartered in Lower Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, our company embodies its home city as a diverse group of individuals who value great coffee and being engaged global citizens.



Great coffee starts with great relationships at origin. As a company we believe that the best way to ensure great coffee quality and provide social and economic stability to our partners at origin is to work directly with them wherever possible. Our sourcing program takes a personal approach to each relationship that we have with Farmers and Co-Ops.

As a roaster we recognize our responsibility to ensure that all transfer of value is fair and linear. Responsible coffee sourcing requires a nuanced approach understanding that each region we source from has its own unique production methods and supply chain challenges. By opening long-term channels of communication with producers we prioritize mutual respect, common goals, environmental sustainability, and a dedication to learning from one another.


Sustainability is a constant conversation in Specialty Coffee. It is Irving Farm’s priority as a coffee roaster to always source coffee in a way that promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability. Within the industry, there are many different philosophies about coffee sourcing. Our green buying program is designed around the belief that the most sustainable way to buy coffee is to build relationships directly with farmers at origin. This buying methodology allows us to support these farmers and give and receive feedback directly instead of relying on a third party. 


Drip coffee and espresso

Irving Farm offers a rotating list of Single Origin coffees from around the world. Our sourcing selection process yields the highest quality. We strive to build out this roster of beautiful coffees with unique and surprising flavor profiles. We also offer tried and true blends composed of our Single Origin coffees which we roast for a consistent flavor profile and offer year-round.

Cold Brew

Our cold brew program utilizes craft brew tanks and a specialized water filtration system to achieve an exceptionally smooth and dynamic product. We use coffee selected specifically for cold brewing. We also developed a reverse-osmosis and re-mineralization process to perfect the water and optimize flavor.



All of our coffees are roasted at a fully modernized 9,000 sq ft roastery in Millerton, NY. We use three roasting machines: a Loring roaster, which burns 85% less fuel than other roasters, an American-built Diedrich roaster and a German made Probat. In 2017, the roastery opened a dedicated cold brewing facility with two 200 gallon stainless steel craft brewing tanks from Corson Distilling in Idaho, who customized their state-of-the-art systems for cold coffee brewing.

All Irving Farm coffee orders are guaranteed roasted (or cold brewed) to order for utmost freshness.



Sourcing, roasting, and brewing are part of everything we do–but they're not all we do at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. Each member of our small team plays multiple roles, including the most important role: service to our customers.


All job inquires can be sent to:

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