How To Brew: French Press

Things you need:
French Press
Digital scale
 (We recommend this for best results)
Gooseneck Kettle
Stirring Instrument
Burr Grinder (Also for best results)
Filtered water
Cups to serve
Pot to keep your coffee warm

60 Grams of coffee or 12 level tablespoons
850 grams of water or 30 fl oz
4-5 minutes

1. Preheat your French Press

2. Look for a medium grind, the size of sand

3. 60 grams (12 level tablespoons) of coffee

4. Fill press to the top with filtered water.

5. After filling the press with water, stir to ensure that all coffee is fully saturated.

6. Carefully skim the floating grounds off the top for a cleaner cup.

7. Let steep for approximately 4-5 minutes and then depress the plunger slowly, being sure to minimize the agitation of the grounds.

8. Serve directly into cup before decanting the coffee in another vessel for freshness of leftovers

9. Enjoy!

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