In sourcing the special coffees we bring to Irving Farm customers, our primary criteria is quality. We strive to offer a constantly rotating roster of beautiful coffees with unique, surprising flavor profiles, but we get just as excited about coffee that tastes like coffee—in its richest, most robust form. Our quest for great coffee goes hand in hand with our dedication to lasting, sustainable relationships with farmers around the world. As such, Dan Streetman, our Vice President and green coffee buyer, takes a personal and individual approach to each relationship he forges with farmers and co-ops. One of our most important purchasing principles is making sure that all transfer of value is fair and linear; and because the nature of the supply chain and the sophistication of production varies wildly from country to country, a nuanced approach to buying green coffee is necessary to ensure transparency. With all of our coffees we aim to go above and beyond the “direct trade” certification. By opening long-term channels of communication with producers and others up and down the line, we prioritize mutual respect, common goals, environmental sustainability, and a dedication to learning from one another. This is the foundation on which good coffee becomes great coffee, and at Irving Farm, it’s a foundation that’s built to last.