Our brewing philosophy is simple: every coffee we serve honors the effort we put into sourcing and roasting. We use brewing methods and state-of-the-art equipment to highlight the nuance of each coffee, whether it’s expressed through a carefully-crafted espresso, a small batch, or a pour-over. 

Consistency is one of our top brewing priorities, and to this end, all of our baristas are required to obtain pour-over and espresso certification. They receive this after taking the requisite Coffee Brewing Fundamentals classes, where they learn about optimal extraction, as well as how time, ratio of coffee to water, grind size, and other factors impact taste. We also offer specific Kalita brewing classes with two of our lead baristas, which reinforce brewing standards in our cafés.

Lead baristas in each cafe "dial in" new coffee offerings on pour-over to ensure consistency and excellent taste. We also rotate our seasonal pour-over selections every month and offer a range of different coffees. This affords customers the opportunity to compare the flavors of coffees with different origins, washing processes, and roasts. For those who aren’t able to visit our shops personally, we offer a variety of exquisite brewing equipment in our webstore—so whether you're at home or on the go, you can always enjoy Irving Farm coffee at its fullest potential.