Our Director of Roasting, Clyde Miller (a.k.a. “Roastmaster Clyde”) has been at the helm of our coffee roasters since 2004. His dedication to the craft of roasting shines through every batch, with a meticulous level of attention to each coffee we source in order to bring out what is truly special within.

At our Roastery in Millerton, NY, we are committed to energy efficient practices. We use a Loring roaster, which burns 85% less fuel than other roasters, as well as an American-built Diedrich roaster and a German-made Probat. The building itself employs radiant heat, which is significantly more efficient than traditional heating, and we compost chaff and other organic materials that are byproducts of the roasting process.

Beyond the technical innovations we constantly pursue across all fronts, roasting remains a craft of patience, understanding, and finesse. Any one coffee may be roasted in a number of different ways, but it’s through this intimate understanding of a coffee’s potential, and roasting’s dynamic capabilities, that we can truly express to the drinker what we find most beautiful within each coffee we have selected. Whether it’s bringing out a floral sweetness or a rich earthy loam, being attuned to how each coffee “speaks” is the artful job of the roaster.