Know Your Coffee | Don Pancho Varieties, Honduras

Similar to wine, coffee plants have many varieties.

Think of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chianti. These wines are made through very similar processes but come from three different varieties of grapes. 

Coffee varieties include Bourbon, Gesha, Pacas, Parainema, Caturra, Catuai and many others. In the same way that different grapes result in varied flavor profiles, acidities and body in wines; coffee varieties affect the flavor and experience of a cup of coffee.

We partnered with Roberto Portillo at the Don Pancho farm in Honduras to bring three separate varieties from one farm. All the factors in these coffees are controlled except the tree variety. They all carry the bright fruit forward profile of a typical Honduran coffee, yet the variety creates differences to enjoy.

We spoke to Roberto recently and he shared with us about how his father (Don Pancho) planted the Bourbon variety when he started the farm 40 years ago. In 2012, when we began our partnership, the farm had expanded to growing Pacas, and soon added the Parainema

Single Origin coffees from a specific farm or co-op may often be composed of several varieties from one farm combined for their final offering, but from the Don Pancho farm, we are able to offer each variety stand-alone.

Try the trio as 4oz bags or your favorite in 12oz.


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