Don Pancho
Tasting Trio

$11.00 per 12oz. bag

Tasting kit of our three coffee varieties offered from the Don Pancho farm in Honduras. Enjoy this taste of a legacy. Three 2oz packages. Perfect for two pourovers or half a pot of coffee.
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40 years ago, Jose Francisco Portillo, known as Don Pancho, planted a field of coffee trees.

The Bourbon variety, grown from those original trees, is the generational legacy of his family’s hard work and a testament to a plant that has stood the test of time with resilience.

The Don Pancho Farm is now run by his son Roberto Portillo. He has adapted and bettered the farm for the sake of their family for years.

After selling his first lot of Specialty Coffee in 2012, Roberto decided to expand his farm's ability to produce high quality coffee.  After some consideration, he chose Pacas, the local favorite variety for producing quality.

Pacas adapts well to the high elevation and colder temperatures of the mountainous Santa Bárbara region in Honduras. It also allows for a higher density of trees on a plot of land for a higher yield.

The leaf rust returned for the Bourbon trees in 2014 and killed the harvest for a season. Roberto planted Parainema, another award winning variety more recently developed that is resistent to the rust.

These varieties--which are all grown on the same plot of land and processed with the same method--yield varied tasting notes while maintaining the farm’s status as a Specialty Coffee producer.

On the Don Pancho farm, the past has been honored, the present has been saved, and the future has been secured.

Enjoy this taste of a legacy.

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Producer: Roberto Portillo
Region: Santa Bárbara
Process: Washed


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