Baroida, Papua New Guinea | Partner Spotlight

Known for its remote location and cultural diversity, Papua New Guinea holds a unique place in the coffee world. The eastern highlands, home of the Tairora tribe, were mostly cultivated for sweet potatoes and other crops to feed the tribe’s families.

In the early 1960’s, Ben Colbran bought the land and began planting coffee. The farm is named for a the traditional spirit who is believed to live in a rock in the river running through the farm.

Today the Baroida farm is owned and managed by Ben’s son, Nichol Colbran. He manages the farm with the assistance of his sons Rhett & Chris.  

The Colbrans have perfected their style of coffee processing through decades of experience and built a full wet mill on-site for their washed process coffees. They also handle their own exporting and are focused on traceability. We have been buying coffee from them since 2016.

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