Nemba, Burundi | Partner Spotlight

The Kayanza province is one of the best coffee producing regions in Burundi. Located in the north of the country, it is renowned as the water source of the Nile River. The Nemba Washing Station collects cherries from over 2,600 local coffee farmers.

During the season, Nemba processes more than 400 tons of coffee. Each farmer who works with the Nemba washing station is organised into a group of 30, headed by a lead farmer who acts as a spokesperson to facilitate communication and organization with the station. The washing station is managed by an Agronomist to keep the quality of everything grown to the highest standard, we buy their top 5%.

Due to Kayanza's high altitude, the coffee grown there has a high level of acidity mixed with a fruit-like sweetness. Bold, fruity coffees are a hallmark of the East African flavor profile, and specifically Burundi.

We have been buying coffee from the Nemba Washing Station since 2018.

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