Molasses, Black Cherry, Orange Zest

Bulk | Blackstrap Medium-Dark Roast

Developed as a twist on classic espresso but also makes a damn good drip coffee. Its full-bodied balance of sweetness and zest pair perfectly with milk. Brazilian coffee and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe are roasted for an extended period to maximize body and flavor.

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This blend is Irving Farm’s twist on a classic espresso.

Blackstrap molasses, the blend’s namesake, is the sweet thick liquid left after the maximum extraction of sugarcane. This blend combines the thickness of a perfect crema with the sweetness of sitting at a European cafe for a morning cappuccino.

Sweet Brazilian coffee composes the base and provides the richness. An Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is added for a brightness akin to the feeling of orange zest in a bar of dark chocolate. Blackstrap’s low acidity pairs well with milk for a full bodied and balanced coffee perfect for each and every espresso drink.