Baked Apple, Maple Syrup, Amaretto

Holiday Edition | Single Origin | Organic


We’re thrilled to offer this festive, full-bodied coffee from Honduras as our Holiday Edition single origin. Our partnership with producer Jose Francisco Villeda Torres (Panchito) is a wonderful example of how a committed, long term roaster-producer relationship yields an incredible product.

10% of your purchase will support charity: water's mission to end the water crisis.

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Jose Francisco Villeda Torres--known affectionately as Panchito--is one of the founding members of the Capucas Co-op and one of our closest long-term producers.

The autonomy of his farm and its journey from being a co-op member to trading directly is a cooperative success story. In 2011, Panchito entered a bag of coffee in the co-op’s competition and won first place. Since then he has grown to producing up to 30 bags a year and slowly built his own micro-mill, improving it incrementally. We have bought his coffee every year since 2011.

Quick Facts

Producer: Jose Francisco (Panchito) Villeda Torres
Region: Copan
Elevation: 1460 meters
Variety: Catuai
Process: Washed