Fig, Papaya, Cotton Candy

Los Alisos, Peru, Organic


Los Alisos is a refreshingly light, fruit-forward coffee produced by La Prosperidad co-op member Sergio Palermo. His farm is named after the Alder trees that line his fields. We have been buying Sergio’s organic coffee since 2016.

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Los Alisos is sourced directly from La Prosperidad co-op member and producer Sergio Palermo’s farm. Named after the surrounding alder trees, the coffee is harvested in a cool, misty setting in the town of Chirinos.

Sergio is well known in the community for producing high quality coffee in this unpolluted haven of forest. He makes his own organic compost, contributing to the large compost facility at the co-op. His coffee is picked, fermented, washed and dried in a solar dryer on his farm.

Los Alisos is a light, fruit-forward coffee with sweet notes of cotton candy and papaya and maintains a mellow acidity.

Quick Facts

Region: Chirinos, Peru
Elevation: 1850 meters
Variety: Caturra, Paches
Process: Washed


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