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Bulk | Los Alisos, Peru | Organic

Los Alisos is produced by Sergio Palermo in the remote town of Chirinos, Peru. The farm, which sits at 1900 meters above sea level, is part of the La Prosperidad Co-Op. High elevation, meticulous picking, and careful processing result in fruity, full-bodied flavors. This coffee is certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers.
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Los Alisos is sourced directly from La Prosperidad co-op member and producer Sergio Palermo’s farm. The coffee is harvested in the cool, misty mountains surrounding the town of Chirinos. Because of the low temperatures at this high altitude, the depulped coffee cherries are fermented in a unique concrete tank with wood planks that insulates the coffee from the cold. (From there, it takes 20-24 hours for fermentation, as opposed to a usual 12-16.)

Sergio and his wife Blanquita moved to Chirinos 30 years ago when their hometown suffered a severe drought. They transformed their plot of land from a yucca farm to the high quality coffee farm it is today.

Sergio contributes to his community both with his coffee and in making his own organic compost for the co-op’s large compost facility. His coffee is picked, fermented, washed and dried in a solar dryer on his farm. We have been buying from Sergio since 2016.

Quick Facts

Region: Chirinos, Peru
Elevation: 1850 meters
Variety: Caturra, Paches
Process: Washed