Need help choosing a single origin?


Trying a new coffee can be a bit intimidating. To make your journey easier we enlisted the help of Jay (our Director of Coffee, pictured above) to pair our core classic blends with similar single origins. Scroll through the pairings below to explore...


You’re a fan of Highline’s floral notes and light body? We are too – that’s why we love Konga! This fruity, vibrant coffee from Ethiopia is a regular in our yearly rotation.

71 House is renowned for its medium body and smooth, sweet flavor; its caramel overtones overlap with this year's Holiday Edition (and the sweet satisfaction of helping a worthy cause).

We crafted Blackstrap Espresso to balance a chocolatey body with a citrus twang; the same delicious juxtaposition that makes Natamaya a staff favorite! This rich coffee from El Salvador shares notes of chocolate and a fruity finish.

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