Introducing Rungeto

Fresh Arrival: Rungeto, Kenya

We’re honored to roast this exceptional coffee from the highly sought after Kirinyaga region of Kenya. With its complex and juicy flavors, this top-rated single origin is an elegant representation of the East African profile. The Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society represents approximately 850 producers who farm along the Kii river, at the foot of Mt Kenya.

"Specialty coffee people get really excited about coffees from Kenya. The country's perfect altitude, unique varieties and excellent processing make for absolutely stunning coffees. Kenyan coffees can be extremely complex, and have really stunning, vibrant, unique acidity that's just outstanding.

“As a buyer I get really excited about acidity, complexity and cleanliness. Coffees from Kenya are so often super complex and flavorful and balanced and totally free of defects. There are so many perfect, wonderful coffees that are each so special and unique and it's really something to taste and appreciate them. They are really a beautiful thing."

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