Berry, Round, Smooth

Napoleon Barragan, Colombia

$16.50 per 12oz. bag

With its perfect balance of acidity & body and its floral and berry notes, Napoleon Barragan is a coffee that's guaranteed to delight.
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Monserrate is a small community in southwest Colombia. In the early 2000’s, a group of coca farmers began replanting their fields with coffee in an effort to stop the violence that surrounds coca. This resulted in the incredible coffee cooperative that supports their community today.

Napoleon Barragan’s farm is in this village and he sells his coffee through the Monserrate Grower’s Association.

Monserrate was our roast master Clyde Miller’s first origin trip and Napoleon Barragan was his favorite coffee at the co-op’s seasonal competition.

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Region: Monserrate, Huila
Elevation: 1800 – 1850 meters
Variety: Castillo & Caturra
Process: Washed


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