Light, Floral, Complex

Papua New Guinea

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Despite its delicate complexity, Morita is a comfort coffee at heart.
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Nestled in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Morita is named after the hill at the highest elevation on the Baroida Plantation. The hill is planted with 100% arusha beans, which is a rare and unique variety of Bourbon, found in PNG and Tanzania. Nichol Cobran manages the farm with the assistance of his sons Rhett & Chris. He has has perfected his style of coffee processing after decades of experience, and at Baroida they have a full wet factory on-site for their washed process. They also have a dry mill for hulling, grading, and hand-sorting (which is very rare for premium small-holder coffees).

Morita is a delicate and creamy offering with tasting notes that range from herbal and savory to tropical and sweet. Yet, despite its complexity, it’s a comfort coffee at heart—and a unanimous staff favorite.

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Producer: Nichol Colbran
Region: Arusha
Elevation: 1775 meters
Variety: Arusha
Process: Washed


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