Monthly Coffee


Receive fresh, farm-roasted coffee at your front-door every month! Get quality coffee while expanding your horizons and palate.
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Our coffee subscriptions offer the reliable pleasures of fresh, farm-roasted coffee, along with the excitement of new coffees to expand your horizons and palate, carefully chosen just for you and delivered as often as you like. Simply choose the type (Single Origins, Blends or Decafs), the grind, the length of your subscription (3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 weekly shipments) and the quantity (how many bags of coffee per shipment). Shipping costs are included.

True to their name, single origin coffees consist of beans sourced from a farm or community in one specific region. Featuring seasonal selections from around the world, our line of single origin coffees focuses on the highest quality product from coffee producers who take their work as seriously as we do.

Handcrafted from exceptional single origin coffees, our signature blends are carefully developed in our Hudson Valley roastery to please drinkers day after day, year round.

Offering exceptional flavor to coffee lovers who prefer to go without the caffeine, our Decaf selections stay true to taste with carefully blended, naturally water-processed decaffeinated coffees.