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Los Niños Process Experiments, El Salvador | Pulp Natural Process


1 coffee. 1 farm. 1 mill. Same day harvest. 5 processes.
= 5 distinct flavor profiles.

Different processes for handling and removing fruit from the coffee bean affect the flavor profile.
Los Niños' Pulp Natural Process coffee is dried first as the whole cherry, then depulped and then dried a second time in raised beds.

This is a 4oz bag.
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The Los Ninos Experiments from the Talnamica farm are an in-depth examination of the effect processing methods have on the flavor of a coffee. Same variety, same farm, same mill, same-day harvest, five different processes. This is 1 of 5 processes in our collaboration with Talnamica. Our ability to produce these experiments is a testament to a committed partnership between farmer and roaster. We have been buying from Talnamica since 2013.

The coffee is 100% Bourbon, grown at an altitude between 1360–1400 meters, and handpicked from the same part of the farm.

Our collaboration with the Talnamica farm for the Los Ninos began when Nena Mendez, one of the Ortiz siblings, walked into our 79th street cafe and recognized the mural as a neighboring farm to Talnamica. She then invited our green buyer to visit her farm.

Nena’s mother, Bessita, came from a line of Salvadoran coffee farmers dating back to the 1880s, and her father, Alfredo Ortiz Mancia, purchased Talnamica in the 1950s. Today the farm is owned and operated by Nena and her three siblings along with her husband, Hermann.

Nena & Hermann’s daughter, Mayita began working for Irving Farm in 2013 and suggested an exploration of coffee processing by putting the harvest through the 5 separate processing methods.

Quick Facts

Producer: Hermanos Ortiz Herrara
Region: Ahuachapan
Elevation: 1360-1400 meters
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Pulp Natural

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