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Fruition Chocolate Bar


Collaboration chocolate bar with Fruition Chocolate and Irving Farm Coffee.
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Fruition Chocolate and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters Chocolate Coffee Bar

New York-based companies Fruition Chocolate and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters have collaborated to create the Chocolate Coffee bar. The bar, which is a true celebration of both craft and place, illustrates ideals integral to both companies, including sustainable sourcing, hand craftsmanship, and thoughtful collaborations. Here, the two New York artisan companies came together to showcase their South American farmers New York spirit. The 68% dark chocolate bar is made from Chuno cacao, an heirloom, Trinitario-Acriollado variety sourced from 400 small family producers in the northern mountains of Nicaragua, and a single-origin specialty coffee from the Santa Isabel farm in Guatemala. Irving Farm delivered same day-roasted coffee beans that Fruition then ground with their freshly roasted cacao for 24 hours, locking in and maintaining the complex flavors while further highlighting the complementing notes from each origin. As a hands-on collaboration, the teams at Fruition and Irving Farm tasted each test batch together and jointly worked to refine its characteristics until settling on the final version: a bar with spicy and toasty undertones and notes of bergamot.


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