Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Caramel

Fazenda Primavera, Brazil

$15.00 per 12oz. bag

This rich and creamy chocolate-noted coffee with nutty depth is a delicious example of a Brazilian coffee. We have been buying from Ricardo since 2015.
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Ricardo Tavares’ farm in southeastern Brazil borders the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Chapada de Minas is a small region where coffee has been growing since the 1870s.

Ricardo inherited a passion for coffee production from his father, and continues the tradition of harvesting Red and Yellow Catuai (a variety that originated in Brazil as a hybrid of Mondo Novo and Caturra). He is invested in innovation, questioning traditional growing practices in Brazil with an endless desire to improve quality. Working as a fully integrated farm, mill, and exporter enables Ricardo to experiment at every step to create consistency and excellence. For example, harvesting different lots by hand vs the traditional mechanical harvesting, or growing coffee under mahogany shade to provide different growing conditions and new income streams for the farm.

Ricardo has also been slowly introducing new varieties, searching for exotic trees like Geisha, SL-28, and Typica. While most of his coffees are natural processed, he has also experimented with equipment for washing and electric drying. The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Producer: Ricardo Tavares
Region: Chapada de Minas
Elevation: 1000-1100 meters
Variety: Red & Yellow Catuai
Process: Washed


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