Dried Blueberry, Sweet, Syrupy

Diego Casso, Colombia

$16.50 per 12oz. bag

Look for notes of sweet dried fruits and a smooth finish from this Monserrate, Colombia micro lot.
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On the Northwest border of Huila, lies a small community named Monserrate. This village is a collection of homes on a single ridge, which formed a growers’ association in the early 2000’s. Diego Casso’s farm is in this small village, and he sells his coffee through the Monserrate Grower’s Association.

Since its foundation, the association has been a model of transparency and technical expertise. The collective shares information among communities members to help produce better quality coffee, and sells those coffees in individual as well as group lots. The Monserrate association does not have a centralized mill structure, instead each producer operates their own micro-mill, this is one of the reasons each coffee from the region is so unique.

Casso's milling method is a common one; once mechanically de-pulped, the coffee is allowed to sit dry in tanks to ferment. It is then washed and moved to raised beds inside covered solar ‘dryers.’ He grows the Castillo and Caturra varieties on his farm. Quality has been a controversial topic with the Castillo variety, so Casso separates his Caturra lot, and receives a higher premium for it. This stellar lot was a winner in Monserrate's micro lot competition in years past. And micro lot it is: Casso's Caturra crop this year is 5 bags in total. And we are so proud to be able offer all of it. Look for notes of sweet dried fruits, silky body, and smooth finish.

Filtered Facts

Producer: Diego Casso
Region: Monserrate, Huila
Elevation: 1600 - 1650 meters
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed and Sun-Dried

Every Tuesday we gather the team at Irving Farm Headquarters in Manhattan to cup our new arrivals. Diego Casso elicited the following descriptors:

Sweet Iced Tea, Touch of Pepper, Fresh Butter, Earthy, Tea Flower, Good Body, Clove, Raspberry Soda



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