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Don Pancho, Parainema, Honduras


This is 1 of 3 offerings from Don Pancho, Honduras.

Comparable to wine grapes, coffee beans come in different varieties, distinguishable by flavor and aroma.
Don Pancho’s Parainema has a vibrant, juicy, fruit-forward flavor.

We have been buying coffee from the Don Pancho farm since 2012.
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In the world of specialty coffee, farmers grow the Arabica family of coffee plants. Within that are various varieties, some specific to a region. Varieties have been developed for a range of reasons from hardiness to flavor. A specific farm or co-op may grow several varieties on one farm and combine them for their final Single Origin offering. Because each variety yields a distinct flavor profile, we are excited to offer the three varieties that the Portillo family grows each on their own; Bourbon, Pacas, and Parainema.

The Don Pancho farm in Santa Barbara Honduras is run by Roberto Portillo. His father Francisco Portillo, affectionately known as Don Pancho, began the farm’s production by planting the Bourbon trees. This crop performed well for the family for many years. To expand the farm’s offerings, Roberto planted the Pacas variety, but it and the Bourbon were nearly wiped out by a blight. Parainema is a high quality variety that was developed for its hardiness, so Roberto planted a crop to secure his ability to produce.

Through Roberto’s efforts, the Bourbon and Pacas both made a recovery and Irving Farm purchased each variety separately. The flavor differences in each are a unique look at the way the flavors of a coffee processed and grown in the same way are affected by the difference in variety.

We have been buying his coffee since 2012.

Quick Facts

Producer: Roberto Portillo
Region: Santa Bárbara
Elevation: 1400 – 1700 meters
Variety: Parainema
Process: Washed


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