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Bulk | Colombia Microlot Series | Dario Anaya

The Colombia Microlot Series is a collection of coffees from individual members of the Monserrate Cooperative in Huila, Colombia. Each of these producers operates a micro-mill, processing and drying their own coffee. Enjoy the nuanced differences between these small lots, while expecting the classic chocolate and red fruit flavors that Colombian coffees are famed for.

We’re thrilled to offer this lot of sweet, classic coffee from producer Dario Anaya
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For those who love Colombian coffee, we're excited to bring you this year-round collection from the exceptional coffee growing region of Huila, Colombia.

The Monserrate Grower's Association formed in the early 2000’s, when a group of coca farmers began replanting their fields with coffee in an effort to stop the violence that surrounds coca. This resulted in the incredible coffee cooperative we've worked with since 2011.

The collective shares information among community members to help produce better quality coffee, and sells those coffees in individual and group lots. The Monserrate association does not have a centralized mill structure, so each producer operates their own micro-mill and this makes each coffee that comes from the association unique.

Quick Facts

Producer: Dario Anaya
Region: Monserrate, Huila
Elevation: 1800 - 1850 MASL
Variety: Castillo, F6, Colombia
Process: Washed