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You can expect a clean, sweet and consistent cup of coffee with a mellow elegance and a refined herbal character.
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China has a long, awe-inspiring history of tea production, but within the last ten years they’ve been growing more coffee, especially in Pu’er, an area in the Yunnan province in southern China very close to the borders with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. (Apparently a French missionary introduced coffee to Yunnan in 1892.)

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Esther Shaw, an intrepid coffee expert, who has been forming relationships with local farmers in Yunnan through SCAA connections and recently introduced us to the Banka Village Cooperative which represents 40 homes of the Aini minority group. Over the past couple of years the crop quality has been steadily increasing and we’re now thrilled to offer Irving Farm’s very first coffee from this emerging market!

You can expect a clean, sweet and consistent cup with a mellow elegance and a refined herbal character. It’s a crowd-pleaser, much like our La Pradera from Nicaragua, as well as a conversation starter.

Esther has witnessed a great deal of enthusiasm from farmers as they begin to embrace new practices and varieties, moving away from commercial-grade, high yield coffee that is typically sold to companies like Nestlé and Kraft, and she even plans to teach SCAA classes at a newly built lab in the area. The cooperative also recently hosted a medical clinic where a pediatrician visited and did check-ups for all the children along with basic hygiene and sanitation training.

Water scarcity has been an issue in Yunnan, and coffee is a water-intensive crop, so the cooperative has been building water holding tanks and educating farmers about the importance of shade-grown coffee. The transition from commercial farming to specialty coffee requires a leap of faith from the farmers, so these comprehensive education and social services are imperative for all involved. We’re happy to be investing in Banka at this early stage in their development as sustainable, specialty coffee growers.

Cyndi Lauper once sang that she had a hole in her heart that went all the way to China, an opening so deep that she wished to have it filled up with love. We’re gonna fill it up with delicious coffee. 

Filtered Facts

Producer: Banka Village Cooperative
Region: Pu'er, Yunnan
Elevation: 1300 – 1500 meters
Variety: Catimor
Process: Washed

Every Tuesday we gather the team at the Irving Farm Loft in Manhattan to cup our new arrivals. Banka elicited the following descriptors:

Soft, Creamy, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter, An Intriguer!



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