Bulk | Fazenda Vassourão, Brazil

Fazenda Vassourão is produced by Waldir Batista Borges and his family in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Its classic, mellow flavors are the result of a natural drying process, giving a unique depth to its quintessential Brazilian flavor profile. The purchase of this coffee supports the youth enrichment organization, "Casa de Criança”.
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Fazenda Vassourão comes to us from Camacho in Minas Gerais, in south central Brazil. The coffee is produced by Waldir Batista Borges and his family. The name "Vassourão" means "broom". Waldir's grandparents grew a type of grass on the farm that was used to make brooms. It's a coffee farm now, but the name pays tribute to its history.

This is a natural process coffee, dried with the fruit on the coffee seed. Natural and pulped-natural process coffees are standard in Brazil. The processing gives this coffee a deep body and complexity to round out its classic chocolate and peanut butter Brazilian flavor profile.

We import this coffee from Interamerican Coffee. In 2019, Interamerican Coffee, with their parent company Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and Brazilian company NKG Stockler started an annual competition to help the excellent smallholder farmers at Minas Gerais connect directly with coffee buyers abroad. We came to this coffee through that competition in 2020 and chose this coffee from the finalists. In addition to fostering relationships between coffee buyers and smallholder farmers, the auction of the competition coffees supports a local community organization called Casa de Criança through premiums on the price of green coffee.

Quick Facts

Producer: Waldir Batista Borges
Region: Camacho, Minas Gerais
Elevation: 1150 MASL
Variety: Yellow Catucaí, Red Catuaí, Mundo Novo
Process: Natural