Dark Chocolate, Cedar, Raisin

La Prosperidad,
Peru, Organic

$14.25 per 12oz. bag

La Prosperidad is layered and full bodied with sweet aromatic chocolaty notes. Through constant innovations in their infrastructure and methods, thee co-operative grows sustainable and delicious organic coffee. We have been buying La Prosperidad’s coffee since 2016.
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La Prosperidad is a coffee cooperative in the mountains of northern Peru. It is based in the town, Chirinos, 1600 meters above sea level.

The co-op strives for prosperity for all their members, as the name states. The producers constantly improve and experiment with their coffee harvesting and processing. Because the temperatures at that altitude dip so low, the coffee cherries are fermented in a unique concrete tank lined with wood planks that insulates the coffee from the cold, and they sit for a longer period of time than similarly processed coffees from farms at lower elevations.

The community in Chirinos also grows many other types of produce to maintain food availability and have built a large organic compost facility to eventually sell compost. The people of Chirinos are investing in improvements to the infrastructure for shipping the coffee from the mountains to the port.

La Prosperidad is a layered full bodied coffee with notes of milk chocolate, cedar, and raisin and is certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers.

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Region: Chirinos, Peru
Elevation: 1700-1900 meters
Variety: Caturra, Paches
Process: Washed


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