Iced Pour-Over Bundle

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everything you need to make a delicious iced pour-over at home
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Bundle includes:

-1 Kalita Wave 185 Stainless Dripper

-1 Pack of Kalita Wave Filters (100 Pack)

-1 Bag of 71 Irving House Blend coffee


While many cafés offer batch-brewed cold coffee, we find that the nuance and acidity that’s naturally within each coffee bean is able to shine using the iced pour-over method. So while we do our large-batch and hand-brew methods over ice because it results in the most flavorful cup of coffee, it’s also the most convenient method for the at-home barista! If you didn’t prepare your cold brew batch the required 12 hours ahead of time but you need a kick of caffeine now, here’s how to make an iced pour-over coffee using a standard pour-over cone and decanter or a single-body brewer like the Kalita Wave.

Our process:

- Place 200g ice in the decanter (a pint-sized mason jar works just as well!)

- Add 30g coffee (ground slightly finer than hot pour-over) in the filter.

- Pour 60-70g hot water onto the coffee and allow to bloom for 1 min.

Then slowly pour the rest of the water up to 200g.

- Total brew time should be 3 min 30 sec.

- Swirl and pour over a glass of ice.