Oregano, Malt Chocolate, Jalapeño

Blue Batak,

$18.45 per 12oz. bag

You will fall in love with Blue Batak's rustic sweetness (reminiscent of cedar, oregano & malt chocolate). It’s a great option for any Sumatra lovers out there.
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The Batak people from Northern and Central Sumatra have been producing coffee in the Lake Toba region since the late 1600’s, when coffee was first brought to Indonesia. This Blue Batak coffee comes from a collaboration of a hundred small producers from around the end of the lake in the Lintong region. Their lands are between 1200-1600 meters above sea level, where volcanic soil and ideal rainfall contribute to producing intense coffees, with higher acidity than coffees typically from Sumatra. These producers grow Java, Jember and Catimor varietals. This coffee is traditionally semi-washed or wet-hulled, meaning seeds still in their parchment are semi-dried, then stripped before fully drying on outdoor patios. This process allows for a healthy dose of the mucilage, sugars and alcohols to be absorbed into the cell structure of the bean during drying, adding to the sweet, heavy body you’ll find in the cup. The beans go from swollen greenish-white to the hard darker green or bluish beans we see before roasting. Blue Batak Coffee is also triple-picked, or sorted after drying to ensure consistency. You can see this careful attention in the uncharacteristically clean and uniform looking blue-green beans. After processing, experienced staff cup the coffees and then sort the green again using modern equipment.

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Region: Sumatra
Elevation: 1250 - 1600 meters
Variety: Catimor, Java, & Jember
Process: Washed


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