Colombia trip report June 2011

After spending a few days at the World Barista Championship, I spent a week touring Colombia, and trying to identify some coffee producers for Irving Farm to work with. 

Our first stop was Monserrate, in Huila.  This mountain-top town is home to over 80 families who produce coffee on their modest hillside land.  The producers here only recently started growing coffee, and chose to do so because they tired of the violence that growing coca brought to their town in the 90’s.

Here in Monserrate each of the producers picks and processes their coffee separately, and then they sell to the exporter.  This means that we can keep each farmer’s coffee separate and identify the highest quality lots from which to buy.  It also helps give the farmers feedback on what techniques are contributing to the quality of their coffee.  These farmers all have their own small mill to process the coffee.  Usually this consists of a depulper and fermentation tank (pictured below) and then they dry the coffee on raised beds (pictured below) or in the street (shown above).

Depulper use to remove the coffee fruit from the seed inside, coffee then falls into the fermentation tank below.


here, a producer shows us how he turns the coffee to allow for even drying on the raised beds.  This method of processing coffee is fairly standard across Colombia, although it varies greatly in scale based on the size of the producer.  I visited the whole range in our 7 day trip, from farmers who produce just a few bags of coffee to those who produce many containers (1 container is 275, 132lb bags). I also visited farms in Huila, Cauca, and Antiouquia representing Colombia in 3 major growing regions.

Overall it was a very exciting, and educational trip and I am looking forward to putting a few unique Colombian coffeesin the Irving Farm line-up later this year, and in the years to come.

Dan Streetman

Director of Coffee, Irving Farm Coffee

Craft Coffee

We’re super excited to be featured in this month’s @CraftCoffeeCo sampler. We also wish everything we’re a part of looked this nice.


Trying out Craft Coffee — coffee tasting boxes mailed to you once a month filled with 3 different yummy hand selected premium artisan roasters from around the country with sustainability focused coffee! I love it.

This month’s box of beans was from roasters in California, Michigan, and New York and is doing it’s job of waking me up!

USBC Round 1 Line-Up


Thursday April 28

All times are approximate. Check the live-stream to see who’s on, then adjust accordingly.

All times CDT - Houston, TX, USA

Comp Time - Comp Number. Barista, Company - City

11:15 - 1. Stephen Schuh, Kaldis’s - St Louis

11:25 - 2. Chandler Rentz, Batdorf - Atlanta

11:55 - 3. Row Aczon - Honolulu Coffee Co - Honolulu

12:15 - 4. Laila Ghambaris, Stumptown - Seattle

12:35- 5. Park Brannen, Cafe Grumpy - Brooklyn

12:50 - 6. Samueal Brown, Alterra - Milwaukee

1:10 - 7. Adrienne Kist, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Glenadale, AZ

1:30 - 8. David Delchamps, 1000 Faces Coffee - Athens, GA

1:50 - 9. Jenna White, Caffe Medici - Austin

2:10 - 10. Tyler Stevens, BARISTA - Portland

2:30 - 11. Trevor Corlett, MadCap Coffee - Grand Rapids

2:45 - 12. Ryan Wilbur, Stumpwon - Portland

3:05 - 13. Joshua Flail, Octane - Atlanta

3:25 - 14. Jeremy Sterner, Peregrine Espresso - Wash D.C.

3:45 - 15. Scott Lucey, Alteraa - Milwaukee

4:00 - 16. Jonathan Aldrich, Caffe Medici - Austin

4:20 - 17. Nicole Call, Kaldi’s - St. Louis

Friday April 29

10:15 - 18. Kevin Bohlin, Ritual - SF

10:35 - 19. Lorenzo Perkins, Caffe Medici - Austin

10:55 - 20. Brandon Duff, RBC NYC - NYC

11:15 - 21. Devin Chapman, Coava - Portland

11:30 - 22. Ian Levine, Verve - Santa Cruz

11:55 - 23. K. Linsey Kiser, Peregrine - Wash D.C.

12:10 - 24. Eden Marie Abramowicz, Independent - Atlanta

12:30 - 25. Chang Yu, Independent - Organe, CA

12:50 - 26. Paul Halvorsen, Remedy - Oakland

1:10 - 27. Nikolas Krankl, Gelato Bar & Espresso Coffee- Studio City, CA

1:30 - 28. Jared Truby, Verve - Santa Cruz

1:45 - 29. Robbie Britt, Espresso Parts - Olympia, WA

2:05 - 30. Daniel Reed, Houndstooth - Austin

2:25 - 31. Sarah Dooley, Espresso Parts & Olympia Coffee Co. - Olympia, WA

2:45 - 32. Sam Penix - Everyman Espresso - NYC

3:00 - 33. Jacque DesMarais, The Coffee Ethic - Springfield, MO

3:20 - 34. Cody Kinart, Alterra - Milwaukee

3:40 - 35. Jessica Brooks, Allegro - Denver

4:00 - 36. Sarah Peterson, Verve - Santa Cruz

4:20 - 37. Mike Jones, Third Rail - NYC

4:40 - 38. Joseph Palozzi, Kobrick’s - Jersey City, NJ

registered competitors as of Tuesday, April 26. list subject to change.


The Little Grinder That Can

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Our friends at TampTamp review the Hario Skerton, our favorite at home/on the road burr grinder



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