Spring Special: Rachael's Lavender Latte!

Inspired by the lavender we keep around Irving Farm HQ, the "Carwash" (vanilla-lavender) doughnuts by Underwest Donuts in our cafés, and the trend of adding lavender to cocktails, our Retail Education Coordinator Rachael Garrett decided to create a seasonal lavender latte.

While there are companies that make lavender syrup, according to Rachael, "sometimes they taste a little too chemical-y, because mass-produced lavender syrups will often use a lavender extract—rather than infusing simple syrup with culinary lavender blossoms.

"I wanted to have more control over the potency, so I used the blossoms and made a series of syrups to see which one grooved the best with our coffee."

After lots of experimenting in our Training Lab, Rachael's finished lavender syrup added to a hot or iced latte makes a perfect spring drink. Try one at any Irving Farm shop today!

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