Fuyan, China | Partner Spotlight

The Pu’er district in Southern China has long been known for its high quality of tea production. In the last 10 years, the area’s coffee production has grown exponentially. Tea production has only three harvests per year, so introducing coffee into the agricultural equation leads to more stability.

The Fuyan Village Cooperative which produces this coffee represents 40 families of the Lahu minority group. Though there is no long history of coffee production in China, the Fuyan Cooperative pushes the envelope while pursuing excellence in their agriculture. They experiment with varieties and processes, making them true leaders in Chinese coffee growing.

The high altitude and quickly varying temperatures throughout the course of a day results in a slower ripening process for the coffees. Because of the time this takes, the Fuyan coffees are much sweeter than their slower ripened counterparts in other countries.

Irving Farm loves working with producers who pursue improvement and sustainability in their communities. Fuyan hosts medical clinics for the children of their co-op, ensuring access to healthcare and healthcare education. Because water scarcity is an issue in the area, the co-operative also builds water-holding tanks and educates farmers about shade-grown coffee.

We have been buying from Fuyan since 2016

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