Banka, China

In celebration of both the Lunar New Year and coffee itself, today we're most excited about a truly unique coffee offering from the Banka Village Cooperative in Yunnan, China. It's not often you see a Chinese coffee on cafe shelves, and it's a delight for us to be among the first to share a coffee like this with our customers and friends in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and beyond.

China has a long, awe-inspiring history of tea production, but within the last ten years they’ve been growing more coffee, especially in Pu’er, an area in the Yunnan province in southern China very close to the borders with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Esther Shaw, an intrepid coffee expert, who has been forming relationships with local farmers through SCAA connections and recently introduced us to the Banka Village Cooperative, which represents 40 homes of the Aini minority group. Over the past couple of years the crop quality has been steadily increasing and we’re now thrilled to offer Irving Farm’s very first coffee from this emerging market!

You can expect a clean, sweet and consistent cup with a mellow elegance and a refined herbal character. It’s a crowd-pleaser as well as a conversation starter.

Celebrate wth us over a cup today, or any day while we've still got this special offering on our shelves.

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