I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Iced Pourover!


Almost as if the calendar knew it, New York City heated up to its hot, muggy, worst summer self just as it turned late June. While there's no cure for fifth-floor walkups and insufficient window air conditioners, we at Irving Farm are doing our best to offer the biggest anti-heat weapon we have in our arsenal: the iced pour-over coffee. While many cafes offer batch-brewed cold coffee, we find the single-cup pourover method of brewing coffee directly over ice has more flavor.The nuance and acidity (that's a good thing) naturally within each coffee is allowed to sparkle and shine in the iced pourover method—to you, this means a cup that's both more flavorful and more refreshing.
We do both our large-batch and hand-brew methods over ice, because we find it the most delicious method. If you'd like to replicate our iced pour-over method at home, we bet you'll find it delicious, too!
Here's how to do it, using a standard pourover cone and decanter, or single-body brewer like the Kalita Wave:
Our process:
- Place 200g ice in the decanter
- 30g coffee (ground slightly finer than hot pour-over) in the filter
- Pour 60-70g hot water onto the coffee and allow to bloom for 1min then slowly pour the rest of the water up to 200g.
- Total Brew time should be 3min 30sec.
- Swirl and pour over a glass of ice! You're done!

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