Celebrating Honduran Coffees


Honduras is a very special coffee producing country. For many farming families, producing coffee is still a new vocation: as such, there's a palpable energy and passion for the newness of this wonderful crop. In our travels to Honduras, it's been absolutely magical to watch Honduras transform, and work alongside producers as they try new things, working to bring their coffee to exemplary levels worthy of demanding, high-quality purchasers. To celebrate our current roster, enjoy 10% off these Honduran coffees* now through 2/20:    


CAPUCAS, HONDURAS The town of Capucas is home to just over 80 families who produce coffee. Throughout town, coffee plantations border small homes, with vegetable gardens and chickens loose in the yard. Many of the farmers also have small “micro-mills” to process their coffees, and then sell through the co-op.  

LOS LIRIOS, HONDURAS Los Lirios means The Lilies and is the home of Jose Luis Rivera and his family in western Honduras. The Riveras are members of the Capucas co-op, and for years have sold their coffee through the cooperative. Recently, they established a small mill on the farm, and started processing their own coffee.

 LOS PLATANARES, HONDURAS Pancho has been growing coffee for more than 20 years, mostly selling his crop to the local co-op. His wife and five children live on the farm, and the whole family is passionate about coffee. Pancho's intimate connection to his coffee is an inspiration, and so is this micro-lot Los Platanares: an inspiration in the cup.

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