El Salvador 2012

Last week I was in El Salvador visiting with our partners at JASAL.  In case you don’t know JASAL produces the Cerro Las Ranas, and Everest Coffees we have had the past 2 years.  This family run business is in its third generation, and this year marks the first year that Jose Antonio Jr, and Andres are taking the reigns of operations.  Jose Antonio Sr, is still around and guiding everything but the brothers in their late 20’s-and early 30’s have brought a new energy to the operations. It is especially rewarding for me to see the new generation taking hold, with the same commitment to quality, but with an eye for innovation.  We spent most of the week discussing various experiments, and cupping new/different coffees from the farm.  Andres explained to us they were looking at every step in the process to see where they could make improvements. Last year when I was there, I cupped a coffee from their farm called Guadalupe.  The coffee was delicious, and afterward we visited and it is one of the most beautiful farms I have been on.  This year I am excited because we cupped the coffee again, and it is even better.  Not to mention that we will be bringing this coffee into the US for the first time.

 I am also looking at bringing in 1-2 micro-lots from JASAL from the new experiments that they have done this year, so stay tuned!

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