Kenya Gathambi

We at Irving Farm are excited to announce the arrival of one of our most anticipated coffees this year, Kenya Gathambi.  In fact myself and Clyde our roaster were so excited that we had to roast some on Friday when the coffee arrived, and then took coffee out of the cooling tray to brew.

This coffee is especially exciting for me, because it is the beginning of a new project for us.  Traditionally in Kenya all the coffees are sold through an auction, however our partners are working directly with the mill there, and have secured us first bid on the coffee in coming years.  This coffee is processed in the traditional method of Kenya, where they depulp the coffee, removing the fruit, soak the coffee in water to remove the mucilage, soak the coffee in another clean bath, and then move it to raised drying beds for drying.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise with what the coffee tastes like but expect it to roll into our stores this week.  We have a limited amount of this special coffee and expect it go quickly.

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