Honduras Capucas

You may have had a chance to try our newest coffee, Capucas from Honduras.  If you have, I hope that you’ve already discovered how delicious this coffee can be.  When I first tasted this coffee I was blown away by the sweetness and the tropical fruit flavors.  As we got to know it better with our initial production roasts we noticed honey-like body with flavors of cashew, dried pineapple and mango.

However, this is only half of the reason why I love this coffee.  In March I was lucky enough to visit the community in Capucas that grows this beautiful coffee.  The town of Capucas has about 100 families that grow coffee, and formed the Cooperativa Cafetelara Capucas Limitada or COCAFCAL for short.

Omar Rodriguez (left) is the President of the cooperative, and he and his family played host to us for the extent of our trip.  They showed us, Chris Davidson (right) and myself (center), tremendous hospitality throughout our stay.  Chris works with Atlas Coffee Importers, who have been working with the community in Capucas since 2007.  The purpose of our trip was to judge their annual micro-lot competition.  The judging took place by cupping (tasting) 30 coffees a day each day of our 5 day trip.  We scored the coffees based on their sweetness, uniformity, balance, aftertaste, acidity, and unique character.

We then assigned the coffee’s points based on those attributes, and they received scores out of 100.  We decided to purchase all 5 of the top lots, but more on that when they arrive in August.  In the mean-time let’s focus on the Capucas coffee you can enjoy right now.  It represents a blended lot from many of the producers in the community, where they harvest their coffee fruit and have it processed at their centralized mill.  There the coffee is depulped, soaked in tanks for 12-24 hours, washed, and then sun dried on concrete patios.  The farms here are immaculate, almost garden like.  The perfect amount of shade cover, neatly spaced and planted rows, and regimented pruning that had just been completed post-harvest.

Walking through the community farms, and meeting each of the producers you get a sense that they all take great pride in producing quality coffee, and working together.  Friendly and passionate people are always rewarding to work with, especially when they produce such a great product.  This is the other half of why I love Capucas!


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