It's Earth Day!

We're green with glee over Earth Day today, a day to celebrate our planet and take pride in the work we do this day and every day at Irving Farm to contribute to a more sustainable planet. From working directly with farms to encourage agriculture that's both conscientiously grown and delicious to drink to reducing our own roasting emissions and working to offset deforestation locally and globally, we've got our eye on the earth and our feet on the green grassy ground.

Globally, we seek out coffees that are not only farmed with quality in mind but sustainability. 85% of the coffee we buy is grown under shade, which contributes to carbon sequestration and prevents deforestation for coffee cultivation. We buy coffee from cooperatives like the Capucas co-op in Honduras which supports not only clinics and schools, but community initiatives like composting and harvesting honey to stimulate the bee population.

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Locally, we focus on lessening our negative impact on the earth every day, from compostable iced coffee cups and biodegradeable to-go utensils in all our stores to operating a brand new, high-efficiency Loring coffee roaster that uses 90% less gas than other roasters and planting native grasses on the lands at our new roasting space. The ingredients we serve in our cafes are locally sourced whenever possible, with all our milk coming from pasture-raised, New York State cows. Last year, we introduced New-York-made Pumpkin Seed Milk as an alternative to almond milk, which had a much higher environmental cost. We compost all our organic matter, and, of course, encourage our customers to bring their own reusable mugs by offering a discount whenever they do.

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And if you'd like to make it even more local, like in your own kitchen? Order a bag of our Rainforest Foundation Project coffee, a fully organic blend whose proceeds benefit the Rainforest Foundation, founded in 1989 by Sting and Trudie Styler. We donate $1 per each bag sold directly to the Foundation. We've donated $4,900 to the foundation since last Earth Day, enough to protect 1010 acres of rainforest, or the size Central Park. To date, we've donated more than $16,000 to the Rainforest Foundation, protecting more than three Central Parks worth of trees. 

As lovers of coffee, we can't but love the earth that gives it to us. Celebrate with us today with your conscious choices—and of course, a delicious cup of sustainably grown coffee.

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