Now Hiring! Retail Educator

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is now hiring for the position of Retail Educator, based out of our Education and Training Loft in Lower Manhattan, New York City. We're looking for a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and generally awesome person to join our tight-knit team. The Retail Educator will be the main conduit for cultivating excellence among our retail staff across five Manhattan cafes (soon to be six!) along with our Hudson Valley location. This is an exciting, growth opportunity for the right coffee professional who wants to have a direct hand in quality control and standards at an established, progressive specialty coffee company in one of the best coffee cities in the world.

Read below to see if this person might be you or someone you know, and direct all inquiries and applications to

Retail Educator

General Role
The Retail Educator is primarily responsible for cultivating excellence among retail staff in their knowledge, preparation, and enthusiasm for coffee.

Qualifications & Requirements
• Minimum of 3 years of retail experience working in specialty coffee
• Demonstrable passion and enthusiasm for coffee education
• Demonstrable ability to taste and describe flavors objectively
• Must be self-motivated and have excellent organizational and time management skills, and the ability to juggle multiple projects at once
• Must be able to communicate professionally and effectively both verbally and in writing, including being able to take thorough notes and record observations
• Must have proficiency in using Google Docs, especially spreadsheets
• Must have a flexible schedule and be willing to work occasional weekends and holidays
• Must have an open-minded and positive attitude, especially regarding coffee education, preparation techniques, and working with staff from many different backgrounds and with a diverse range of abilities

• BGA Level 2 and SCAA IDP certification
• Previous experience in management and/or leadership roles

Primary Responsibilities
• Quality Control & workflow standards/accountability (in-store and in Lab)
• Create retail standards/expectations in conjunction with Education Team and key IFCR leadership
• Assist managers in standard enforcement/accountability
• Barista review/check-ins
• Training IFCR retail staff
• Lead retail focused classes/demonstrations
• Work with managers to utilize training time/classes efficiently
• Administer retail employee barista testing
• Training Lead Baristas and/or meetings
• Collaborate with entire Education team on Coffee standards
• Cultivate a culture of education and coffee excellence to IFCR Team and public

Secondary Responsibilities
• Assist with Wholesale/Public classes as necessary
• Attend brand building events as a representative of IFCR

Compensation & Benefits
• Competitive salary dependent on experience and qualifications
• Eligibility to participate in company health insurance & 401K plans
• Paid vacation & sick days


Banka, China

In celebration of both the Lunar New Year and coffee itself, today we're most excited about a truly unique coffee offering from the Banka Village Cooperative in Yunnan, China. It's not often you see a Chinese coffee on cafe shelves, and it's a delight for us to be among the first to share a coffee like this with our customers and friends in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and beyond.

China has a long, awe-inspiring history of tea production, but within the last ten years they’ve been growing more coffee, especially in Pu’er, an area in the Yunnan province in southern China very close to the borders with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Esther Shaw, an intrepid coffee expert, who has been forming relationships with local farmers through SCAA connections and recently introduced us to the Banka Village Cooperative, which represents 40 homes of the Aini minority group. Over the past couple of years the crop quality has been steadily increasing and we’re now thrilled to offer Irving Farm’s very first coffee from this emerging market!

You can expect a clean, sweet and consistent cup with a mellow elegance and a refined herbal character. It’s a crowd-pleaser as well as a conversation starter.

Celebrate wth us over a cup today, or any day while we've still got this special offering on our shelves.

The Crow Has Landed at Fulton Center

This January, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters opened its doors to the thirsty commuting crowds at New York's Fulton Center, and we joined them as their eyes drifted upwards to the hopeful post-solstice sun streaming in from the city's most unique atrium.

Our sixth cafe, Fulton Center continues the Irving Farm tradition of a focus on quality coffee preparation, sustainable sourcing, and of course, delicious treats.

Join us on the street level of Fulton Center, where we're among the first of several exciting vendors—Pop Karma, Shake Shack, and even Moleskine. We can't wait to eat popcorn while drinking coffee and writing in our miniature notebooks, and then chase it all down with a burger. Luckily we offer "indoor sidewalk seating"—there's even plenty of room for strollers.

Inside the cafe, you'll find our ever-rotating selection of seasonal single-origin coffees, like our favorite Colombia Willer Rivera, exclusive to the Fulton Center Cafe. They're joined by classic Irving Farm blends, and you can enjoy them as espresso or prepared on one of surely the world's largest batch coffee brewers.

Whether you're coming or going, uptown or downtown, to or fro, surely your path will take you through or past Fulton Center someday soon. Come in and see us, won't you?

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9 Things We Learned in Nicaragua

One of the most rewarding things about being a coffee roasting company is visiting the farms we work directly with to purchase our coffees. What's even more fun? Sending city folk, like our cafe managers and head office staff, down to these farms to have their minds blown. Here are nine things about visiting coffee farms we learned in Nicaragua, the native home of our La Bendicion, La Peña, and La Pradera coffees, earlier this year.  

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares

1. Your ride into the fields is a little more exciting than your usual commute into the city. "The hills of La Peña are not only one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, but they're surely not for the faint of heart. In many spots the hills are around 75 degrees steep, made even more treacherous by the constant winds and misty clouds that rush through the surrounding mountains. If you slip there's not much stopping you from a 100+ foot tumble to the bottom." — Josh Littlefield, Director of Education.

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares   

2. Picking coffee is a LOT harder than it looks. "Josh and Amarys insisted that we pick coffee, so out came the baskets. We only had about 1 hour to pick before we needed to head over to the wet mill to watch the processing. The trees were quite difficult to pick as you had to wander in search of ripe cherry, and even then you may only find a handful of beans to pick from one tree. We were only able to pick about 30 lbs between the 3 of us." — Dan Streetman, Green Coffee Buyer.

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


3. And you have to only pick the good ones. "Being able to pick our own coffee was life changing and actually pretty difficult! It was tough trying to find the perfectly ripe and purple (like jamaica iced tea) colored cherries. We picked for an hour but didn't get too many baskets filled, maybe like 1 and 1/2 (if that)." — Amarys Serrano, Manager, Irving Farm Grand Central Terminal  

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


4. De-Pulping machines are a lot like Taylor Swift. "We visited the brand new wet mill that Luis Alberto started building in November of last year. He showed us the machinery that de-pulps the coffee. It was all pretty advanced, although the machines were just 'shaking it off'". —Amarys  

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


5. The professionals work way faster than us city folk. And they have to. "We watched as all the coffee picked by the workers today, about 1600 lbs, was sent through the wet mill. Afterwards we raced the 2 hours back to the dry mill so that we could spread out our coffee on the raised beds before it would ferment." — Dan

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


6. Coffee processing can be a Zen-like experience. "We chose to have our coffee as honey processed so we took the coffee to the raised beds and spread them out with a rake and our hands. It was so sticky, just like honey! We spread them out as much as we could and I went to work with Dan trying to take out the leftover pulp in our green coffee. It was actually kind of relaxing and I was determined to save all the beans stuck to the pulp!" —Amarys  

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


7. Nevermind.  

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


8. Being actually there really makes you appreciate something.

"Today has shown me the beginning stage of coffee productions and it has made me appreciate it so much more. These men are on a MOUNTAIN SIDE picking coffee for 8 hrs. They risk their lives all to provide us with the delicious product that many many people might  take advantage of. I will be a hawk on my staff for how much coffee they waste from now on!" — Amarys

irving farm nicaragua origin trip la pradera bendicion platanares


9. At the end of the day, every part of the coffee chain matters. "La Peña was the coffee I competed with for Big Eastern, so just the mention of having the chance to see this plot in person was already surreal. When we tasted the ripe yellow catuai off the branches (which are actually more orange when fully ripe) they were noticeably sweeter than the varietals we had tried previously. What was also really interesting for me is that coffee thrived in this climate. The hills are constantly cool, moist and shadowed by cloud cover. In this pretty harsh environment the trees were full, healthy and lush. So cool!" —Josh